What’s your perspective on addiction?

We all share unique perspectives. Addict. Parent. Co-worker. Neighbor. Spouse. Employer. Policeman. Pastor. Friend. What’s YOUR perspective? How has addiction impacted YOU? Could YOUR perspective be changed? Altered. Adjusted. Aligned. Instead of seeing an addict, could you see the family they represent? The future they could have? The hope they carry for others? Join us this Spring for Hope is Alive’s Annual Inspiring Lunch, when we discuss “perspectives”.

We promise, you won’t leave the same.

Our Invitation

This event is free to attend. However, an invitation to financially support Hope is Alive will be extended. This event is held annually to specifically raise funds that enable our program to continue. With that in mind, we kindly ask that you consider sponsoring a table and inviting your friends or co-wokers to come and hear more about the Hope is Alive Mentoring Homes Program.


April 25th


11:30am - 1:00pm
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Questions about sponsorship?
Contact Blake Wieland at [email protected] or 405-929-0278.